Lusity - Sleep and Relaxation
Improve your mind and live trough the sounds of nature

Lusity - Sleep and Relaxation

Lusity is the best customizable sleep and relaxation aid app with nature sound effects and white noises. It's best for sleep, relaxation, yoga, meditation, concentrate, study! Over 30 outstanding high quality nature sounds are provided. Listening to nature sounds is the most natural and healthy way to get relaxation and improve sleep quality!

People use Lusity relaxation ambiance for the following reasons, among others:
- Improve your sleep and eliminate insomnia
- Achieve profoundly deep states of relaxation or meditation
- Significantly reduce stress and anxiety
- Manage anger
- Relieve depression
- Boost your energy and vitality
- Improve your mental and emotional well-being

- Great quality of the sounds
- Sound of sea, river, waterfall
- Sound of forest, campfire
- Sound of natural rainfall, waterfall, wind, thunder
- Sound of birds and other animals
- Isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment
- Mix different sounds according to your preferences
- Play in the background while using other apps
- Timer system to stop the melodies when you go to sleep